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"The result of three different building campaigns, corresponding to changing technological conditions, has made of Richard Neutra's VDL Research Site a fundamentel experiment, which has been observed and has stimulated inspiration in the French context, but also in such remote theaters of architectural creativity as postwar Algiers and Casablanca"

With kind regards,

Jean-Louis Cohen
Sheldon H. Solow Professor
in the History of Architecture
Institute of Fine Art/New York University


"While the Neutra homes VDL Research Houses I and II succeed in their self-appointed task of solving generic problems, the are also intimate family portraits. The houses explore a range of issues. How does an architect communicate his ethics aesthetically? Neutra's response shows how to increase urban density in a city; how to accommodate and layer potentially conflicting uses in a house/office; and how to enhance human vitality through an intimate bond with nature."

P 29 Neutra by Barbara Lamprecht, Taschen 2004


"The Silverlake site is the residence and workplace of one of the world's great architects of the 20th century and a very personal embodiment of Richard and his son Dion's ideas about architecture, nature, and life. It ranks with other home-workplaces of the nation's foremost designers, those of Frederick Law Olmsted and Henry Hobson Richardson in Brookline, Mass. and those of Frank Lloyd Wright in Oak Park, Spring Green, and Scottsdale. Like them it is highly worthy of preservation"

Richard Longstreth,
Professor of American Civilization and director of the Graduate Program
in Historic Preservation at George Washington University.


"In addition to its beautifully proportioned and elegantly minimalist geometry, Neutra's VDL research house epitomized his penchant [1] for the use of new, experimental materials, [2] his delight in "naming" buildings to connote larger issues - e.g. "research house" - and [3] for multivalent "after-the-revolution" planning in which particular spaces and elements could be later re-cycled and re-utilized for different uses as circumstances changed and different needs arose."

Thomas S. Hines,
UCLA professor of history and architecture,
and author of "Richard Neutra and the Search for Modern Architecture."


"Once, when Neutra was showing me around his famous home in Los Angeles, he brought up all manner of historical associations, scientific relationships and psychological and philosophical connections...Though relatively small in physical terms, it spoke light-dappled volumes about the health-giving resonance of thoughtful environmental design."

Norman Cousins,
Author and Editor of the Saturday Review of Literature
from his introduction to the book of Neutra essays "Nature Near" edited by William Marlin.


"There are places that transcend the materials that comprise them. These places take on meaning beyond time. These places speak to us of exploration, of evolution. They are places that set the example. They dare to be of the next time rather than of their own time. The VDL Research House is just such a place. The traces of a more austere time are woven into a solution demonstrating that it is not opulence and grand scale that defines elegance.

There are explorations into new technologies and timeless low technology strategies that insure comfort for the spirit as well as the body. The house is a compendium of Modernist strategies, yet it is entirely romantic. It must not be forgotten that a fire in the house during the 1960's provided the stimulus for a new set of explorations providing further insights into the maturation of the architect. The palpable energy of the house is derived from its experimental nature providing the key to all the work of Richard Neutra. In a time when we are losing a great many modernist works, this house stands out for our attention because it is the exemplar from which we can derive greater insight about architecture."

Marvin J. Malecha FAIA
Dean NC State University College of Design
2008 AIA First Vice President / 2009 AIA President
ACSA Distinguished Professor
AIA/ACSA Topaz Laureate


"Richard Neutra is one of the most important representatives of architecture that expressed a new and more transparent way of living and thinking; what we use to call modernity and now call modernism. It is vital that timeless examples of this modernism stay in good shape, especially where it concerns private buildings. It is extremely important to keep authentic examples like the Neutra House as remembrance and as an inspiration for the next generation of architects. This building brings us to the source of the new world in which we live, and which we must defend against forces that tend to mistrust the idea of modern space."

Architect Herman Hertzberger
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